The EU policy on organised crime between Stockholm and Lisbon

Catania, Faculty of Political Science – October 2010 / July 2011




Main Events Last update: 30/06/2011

I Workshop

The new JHA policy process in the Lisbon Treaties -  directed by Francesca Longo and Daniela Irrera - 29/30 October 2010

Poster of the event (pdf)

The first workshop, coordinated by Prof. Daniela Irrera and Prof. Francesca Longo,  was focused on The new JHA policy process in the Lisbon Treaty, and aimed at understanding if and  how the new provisions included in the Lisbon Treaties will affect  JHA., common fight against organised crime and the police cooperation.

It was centred on two presentations. The first working paper was presented by  Professor Jorge Monar, from Sussex European Institute, University of Sussex, and Director of Political and Administrative Studies - College of Europe and was focused on the analysis of the Lisbon Treaty provisions on the AFSJ. Professor Monar’s final suggestions were that the new provisions represents “Not a “new” regime therefore, but an enhanced potential of gradual and partial further evolution from cooperation to integration

The second working paper was presented by Mr. Dieter Neuman, Head of the Europol Legal Affairs Unit, and was focused on the analysis of  continuities and changes of Police Cooperation as they result from the new framework of Lisbon Treaty and Stockholm program.  Mr. Neuman’s final assessments were coherent with professor Monar’s  considerations. In fact, according to Neuman,  “changes brought by the ECD and the Treaty of Lisbon rather indicate an evolutionary than a revolutionary concept”  in the area of police cooperation as well.

The second day was centred on a round table animated by Dr. Helena Charrapico, Prof Daniela Irrera and Prof. Francesca Longo who presented their comments on the two working papers and on the general topic.  Moreover, Prof. Daniela Irrera presented SGOC and its activities to the persons who were attending the round table. Round table was, after, animated by a discussion with the public, for the most part PhD student in Political Science and Human Right and Professors of Political Science, International Relations, Comparative Politics, Penal Law and Criminology, from Catania University. A last round of table of Professor Monar and Mr. Neuman closed the workshop.

II Workshop

Legitimacy and protection of Human Right in the JHA, directed by William Tupman - 10/11 December 2010

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III Workshop

“Fighting cross-border crime in the EU: theory, practice and political implications” - 25/26 March 2011

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Closing Conference

"The European Union Policy on Organised Crime between Stockholm and Lisbon" - 29 Junw/1 July 2011

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